Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Walk Through

A very important day has arrived! We walked through our soon to be home today. Our site supervisor is very proud of his work and so he should be. He had blue tape in his hand to mark all the paint to be touched up as the painter was also there. He assured us that he was committed to point out the issues while the painter was there as they would have to pay the painter if he had to come back later on.

There were times, though, that our site supervisor was getting a little defensive in his tone but I think it's due to the fact that he is very good at what he does and he just doesn't like it when something goes wrong. For instance, I have a roller door cabinet in which we had arranged to have an ADJUSTABLE shelf to be put inside. This was missed before, but after I pointed it out, he got the shelf done. Except today, I noticed that it wasn't adjustable. He was trying to tell me that there's no point adjusting it because there won't be much space in the top shelf, but I know what I'm putting in there. I had it made for a particular purpose, and as it was, I wouldn't be able to do with it what I wanted. I got a little annoyed and I said, "I have things that will fit in there". Besides, the point is, we had specifically asked for it and we wanted it done. No one can tell us that it isn't necessary. He said, if our contract says the shelf was supposed to be adjustable, he would do it. I showed him where it was in the contract and he wrote it on his sheet straight away.

Other outstanding issue was that the kitchen cupboards weren't adjusted yet. He got to the bottom of that right there and then. Kitchen people will come by Tuesday next week. Site supervisor thinks handover will be on Wednesday.

With the pain touch-ups, we were all over the place until our site supervisor got us organised and got us to all together do one wall at a time, marking with the blue tape. Von's eye for detail really shone here. There is a fine line between mistakes and nit-picking, and we took his lead with regards to this. I mean, he is a bit of a perfectionist himself, anyway. We often asked him about things before putting a marker on it. We had to let him know we valued his opinion and expertise because we truly did. He didn't like shining a torch on the walls and again got a bit funny when Von shone a torch on the ceiling to point at something. Von wasn't using it to look for faults, though.

Our independent inspector came and had a report emailed to us by tonight. He is one worth it investment! He found a things we missed and for these, we are sooo glad we hired him to do this second inspection. Here's a list of extra things we didn't pick up, but were in our inspector's report.

Window fixed panel glazing seal not fitted correctly, glue to be removed off the window frame.

The window reveal has been sanded and is not yet painted

Shower screen leaking at its base as tested.

Window reveal has been poorly patched to the sill area.

Shower screen leaks at its base as tested, cavity door internal edges are poor

Wall area damaged above the fridge unit

Linen press units need ceilings patched and painted

Cavity door internal edges are poor

OK, insulation poorly fitted and needs to be rectified.

Weep holes need cleaning out in minor areas.
Stored roof tiles to be removed off the top level right side roof area.
The left side eave linings to be sealed around the A/C duct area.
Cement stain to be cleaned off the front brick wall to the right of the garage door.
The right side eave lining needs patching and painting around this conduit outlet.
The steel lintels above the sliding door units need to be painted.
The left side broken window sill brick needs replacement.

Some of the doors are not sealed to all six faces (for example, entry door).

I've emailed the above to our CSO and Stuart.

Heard from our broker's assistant as I sent the worng request for the final payment. Sent correct one today. Also asked for Occupancy Certificate from our CSO on Monday. She sent me the wrong certificates yesterday and I asked for the right one yesterday. That's all the bank needs and then they can release the final payment and we can get our keys.

Coincidentally, next Wednesday is our wedding anniversary. What a wonderful pressie! I've moved the flooring to start on Thursday as it was originally scheduled for Wednesday. John said they'll be there to start at 8am! Woohoo!

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