Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Back to Reality After Our Mini-Holiday

Back from our holiday on Sunday and it was a success in many ways: got to relax with wonderful friends, managed to give two friends their birthday pressies (a pampering treatment with a facial and a hot stones massage), finished our oldest son's project on rainforest that was due the day after we got back (and gave him first hand experience of what it was like in a rainforest), AND got to shop for some interiors for our house (a mirror, bamboo stick thingys, other stick thingys, wall decor above our bed)!!!

On Friday, I managed to get the electrical people to connect the meter to the meter box at a cost of $330. I think that's all I have to do there and we should be right with utilities, as I've sent off a form for the gas thing ages ago.

Today, I sent off the request to be reimbursed for our expenses for our electricals (well, at least we got $3000 for our $6000 bill). We had this incorporated into our loan. I also sent the bank cheque to our flooring people who needed the payment for the materials before delivery. Again, we incorporated this into our loan. The only disadvantage is that because we did this with a few additional items, we couldn't get a cash price for these items because we had to submit the invoice to the bank who wanted to pay the people we were dealing with directly either by bank cheque or direct transfer. Oh well, it keeps people honest, I guess. Luckily for us, our flooring people were quite generous with the discount they gave us. Our driveway people also moved a fair bit for us. We're going with the one that was very professional in getting us the quote straight away and even had the council paperwork ready for us to fill when he met us on site. I had been calculating the amount of concreting to be done myself and his calculations seem pretty close to mine. It's just nice to know I'm not being duped. The other concreter said he wanted our business and would beat any price but since it took him over a week to give me a quote and that's with me following him up, I had more faith in the other one.

I also got the invoice from Clarendon for the final progress payment and emailed that through to our broker today.

My jobs now are to sort out lighting (I've worked out how many downlights, pendant lights and spot lights we need, and how many we are keeping as they are for now). Have to sort out what fridge we'll be getting since we don't want to keep the deep freezer if we can help it as it takes up space in the laundry. That's a lot of research. Then, there's home and contents insurance, too. However, the most important one is to take advantage of the end of financial year sales and get ourselves a dining table! Because of the layout of our dining room, we'd prefer a round or square table. However, with the colours I've chosen for the back part of the house, this is proving very difficult. Von is a wood-type person and I'm happy to compromise here as long as the wood is either the really light one but not beech OR a really dark one. But, I don't want the wooden chairs to go with it - they're too country for my decor. I don't want the leather chair look anymore either, if I can help it - I think that's a bit old now. I've even gone to Ikea last week to look at chairs and it's sooooo hard to find a suitable one. The dining suites I've liked come with a glass top and rectangular shape. Well, Von finds the glass top too cold. And the rectangular table would really be awkward in terms of space. We'll see.

WALK THROUGH TOMORROW!!! I sent both our inspector and our SS a text to confirm. I can't wait to have more structure and normality in our lives. There's heaps happening. We've had to have my car fixed just before we left went on holidays and when we picked it up yesterday, we were $2k poorer. Also a lot happening on the homefront. I'm getting really tired. Geez, imagine if I didn't give up my business!

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